opusfile  0.1
Stand-alone decoder library for .opus files.
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opusfile Documentation


This is the documentation for the libopusfile C API.

The libopusfile package provides a convenient high-level API for decoding and basic manipulation of all Ogg Opus audio streams. libopusfile is implemented as a layer on top of Xiph.Org's reference libogg and libopus libraries.

libopusfile provides serveral sets of built-in routines for file/stream access, and may also use custom stream I/O routines provided by the embedded environment. There are built-in I/O routines provided for ANSI-compliant stdio (FILE *), memory buffers, and URLs (including <file:> URLs, plus optionally <http:> and <https:> URLs).


The main API is divided into several sections:

Several additional sections are not tied to the main API.